Improving the email response rate

Improving the email response rate

I wanted to write this small article, as I'm often asked what works best to improve performance.  Of course there is no single answer to that, with significant differences in your product or service, your target market, what they are interested in, how well they know your brand etc. and that is all before we discuss email deliverability, quality of the data, reputation of the IP, reputation of your domain.


You might well then ask so what is the point of this article.  Well I think although given all the above points, there are some simple elements that you can put into your email marketing that work universally.   So here are my top 5.


Top 5 Email Suggestions to Improve Email Response Rate



Name Personalisation

This quite simply is making your email appear to the reader that you are speaking to them rather than a generic message.  You could place their name in the subject line or within the body of the message.

Call to Action

Often missed this is crucial to the success of any email marketing campaign, there should be a clear and unambiguous call to action within your message, i.e. what do you want them to do next.

Clarity of message

Don't let your message get confused by just trying to fill up space.  Make your message clear and to the point, with a notice on what you want them to do next


There are now some innovative ways to achieve this objective, from live countdown timers, to live (updated) amount of stock left.  However if you don't have access to that live information, you can use timed offers i.e. 3 days left or last 2 available, or simply limited space offerings,  that push of urgency can make the difference between a forgotten email or a conversion

Pesonalised offering

This is really taking the email to the next level, where the offer you make is relevant in content to the reader.  Knowing specifically what your reader is interested in, or the way they respond to offers, or the day/time that works best for them.  The personalisation is limitless and can be as sophisticated or as simple as you like.  The important step is to try to engage at every element.


So there you have my top 5, it is not comprehensive and also different for everyone, however if you can use or at least try all the above you will certainly boost your existing campaigns.