Email Reputation

Email Reputation

Ensuring you have a good reputation to do business and attract the right team is a primary focus of any business. Without it, your brand will not gain the market penetration it needs and customers will simply not buy from you more than once, if at all.


Within this strategy, it is imperative that companies work hard to establish good sender reputation with their email activity too as this will enhance the trustworthiness of their IP address and reduce a company’s vulnerability in relation to spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, industry blacklists, and more.



Monitoring your email reputation should be part of your daily routine, especially as it just takes one bad email campaign to adversely affect your reputation and prevent your future emails from entering the mailboxes of the individuals you want to get in front of. No matter how good you have been in the past, you must continually monitor and ensure that your email lists are up to date, the content is relevant, sent regularly and that your emails engage your recipients.



If you find your domain or IP address on a Blacklist your emails have been identified through a variety of ‘unwantedness’ measurements to be ‘known’ sources of spam.  This calculation is based on whether the message is considered spam by individual recipients and mailbox providers, and filters through actions such as complaints, unusual volume patterns, emails sent to spam traps and to unknown users.  If you do find yourself on a blacklist, action can be taken to be removed but it may well take some time and effort.


Combining Data Sources

This has probably got to be the biggest single reason for clients not being able to get control of their email reputation.  As soon as you mix different sources of data you quickly compromise on the data acquisition techniques.  Were all lists double opted-in, were some bought in, the age and recency of the files could be very different.  If at any point your data is compromised then unfortunately the whole pot is contaminated by the same reputation.


As one of the leading experts in this field, we at 247EmailData advise our clients on their existing activity and offer them access to online resources and actions to implement in order to improve their email reputation and deliverability.  We manage all aspects of reputation and deliverability on behalf of our clients to always ensure they are getting the best delivery rates possible.


Working with an industry leading organisation we were able to identify key indicators that allowed us to separate different traffic channels, and with each, target separate reputation variables.  From this rather than a combined percentage open rate in single digits, we were able to achieve an 800% increase in responsiveness within a few weeks.